It’s not about the dollars you invest, but rather what you invest in.  As usual, there are unlimited ways for you to invest this year.  They all have their inspiring stories to tell, and we’d be the last ones to judge which causes were worthy of your dollars.   What we would like you to consider however, is the youth of Ravalli County.  In Montana, one in five children under age 6 live below the Federal poverty level.  To help battle poverty for school children in the Bitterroot Valley, The Greater Ravalli Foundation was formed.   Basic needs are met for Ravalli children in need with sustenance funding.  The Foundation provides funding for jackets, boots, mittens and hats to school children in need because their family can’t afford winter clothing.  The Foundation also awards 20-25 college scholarships every year to a select group of motivated Ravalli County high school graduates, paving their way for a successful future.

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